Success doesn’t have to be complicated


Lesonal Basecoat SB has been developed using the latest pigment and binder technology, giving legendary color accuracy, excellent spray characteristics and spot repair ability. You can achieve thousands of solid, metallic, xyrallics, and pearl colors from a limited number of tinters.

Lesonal primers are simple to use, fast drying and have a long pot life. A choice of high build, conventional and wet-on-wet primers allows you to select the best primer for the job. Our primers will save you preparation time and are easy to sand.

How you finish a paint job is just as important as to how you start it. So finish it with Lesonal Clears. They are easy to spray and give you a durable, high-gloss finish that’s second to none. With Lesonal’s fast application and flash times, painters spend less time in the booth, which increases productivity on every car that goes through your shop.